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Mini-DAC de chez Apogee (In English)

le Ven 22 Mai 2009, 20:19
Reference Monitoring in the Studio or on the Road.

Mini-DAC is the ultimate portable and compact solution for studio playback, reference monitoring, FireWire connectivity to your DAW (optional), and premium home audio systems offering professional quality 192kHz D/A conversion. In addition to outstanding conversion quality, the optinal Mini-DAC FireWire features “Digital Thru Mode” where non-FireWire devices can be connected to your DAW using MIni-DAC’s input options such as AES, Optical and S/PDIF.

Precision Reference Monitoring

Are you using a massive mixer just to ride your monitor levels? Or do you have a great A/D but inferior D/A? With comprehensive level control and a high quality headphone output, Mini-DAC allows you to hear exactly what you are committing to a recording. Mini-DAC also provides the optimum stereo image and the most faithful analog reproduction of your carefully recorded digital audio that money can buy.

Ultimate Listening for Audiophiles

Want to hear your music as it was intended? Then Mini-DAC is the way to optimize your home audio system. Connect your premium CD/DVD player to Mini-DAC and then out to your speakers for a superb sonic experience that your discerning ears will appreciate.

*USB option discontinued

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