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VI1 offline et VI4 en 96

le Jeu 27 Sep 2012, 08:57
bonjour à tous,

juste pour vous informer qu'un OFFLINE VI1 est maintenant disponible et que la version V4.7 vient d'etre postée sur le site de soundcraft.

la V4.7 permet de passer la VI4 en 64mix quand 2 cartes DSP et 96mix quand 3 cartes DSP. la ou nous avions 48 et 72 avant.
les show VI4 et VI6 sont donc entièrement compatible. l'accès aux tranches se fait au tactile sur les Vu-mètre.

en détail :
New Features

The following new functionality is included in Version 4.7:
• 96-Mix for Vi4! Vi4 Inputs-to-Mix capacity is now upgraded from 72 to 96 (with 3 DSP cards fitted to Local Rack; if 2 DSP cards then upgrade is from 48 to 64)
• Vi4 consoles now save and load identical Show files to Vi6.
• Virtual Vi1 Offline Editor now available within Virtual Vi
• User Interface Enhancements on all Vi consoles:
• New EQ Units control allows width in 'Q' or Octaves
• New Delay Units control shows delay time in ms, metres or ft & inches
• New scroll encoders in Show list
• New Sort button in Show list allows alphabetical or date-wise list sorting
• New warning highlight on channel strip when Oscillator enabled
• ‘Global Pre/post’ button renamed to 'Set Pre/post' (Vi1 only)
• INV button in Noise Gate renamed to 'DUCK'

Note re ViSi Remote

Please note that the current release of ViSi Remote (V1.1.2) only controls up to 72 channels on a Vi4. A new version of ViSi Remote (V1.1.Cool is currently awaiting approval in the App Store which will allow control of all 96 channels on an updated Vi4. This is expected to be available for download within the next two weeks, we will announce this when it happens.

Bug Fixes

The following console bugs are addressed by this update:
• Time/date stamp of Show file was not updated when saving show
• Manual IP addresses in 192.168.1.xxx subnet could not be selected for HiQnet port
• Using a wireless router with IP address in 192.168.1.xxx subnet on the HiQnet port could stop connection to DSP core
• Console could restart when HiQnet connection unplugged
• Error messages generated when starting console up

The Virtual Vi Offline Editor software is also upgraded with the above bug fixes.

We strongly recommend that you keep your console up to date and install this new release as soon as possible!

Users who did not install the last Update (V4.6.0.192), can still upgrade directly to V4.7.0.195 with no need to install first.

Show File Compatibility Warning

Because of the upgrade of Vi4 mixing capacity, and to follow the market demand for better compatibility with Vi6, the layout of the channels within the fixed layers on Vi4 has changed. This means that input channels that were vertically paired in a Vi4 show made on the pre-4.7 software will be split apart and not be vertically aligned any more when this show is loaded on a V4.7 console. This means some work will be needed to reorganise channel layouts where vertical pairs have been used. This would have to be repeated for each snapshot, if individual snapshots exist within the show. Likewise if a show that was made on the new software is loaded onto a pre-4.7 Vi4 console, the same issue will occur, but in this case the recommended solution is to update the console to V4.7.

This issue is identical to the issue that used to exist when shows were transferred between a Vi4 and a Vi6, except that it will affect Vi4 users with their own shows made on the older software.

With horizontally paired channels, there is only the minor inconvenience that the pairing between the two channels will be removed when an old show is loaded on a 4.7 desk, in this case the pairing simply needs to be re-engaged and the show saved again. Snapshots will not be affected.

In the case of Vi1, 2 or 6 Shows, there will be no compatibility issues with shows saved on earlier versions of the software.

Where to get the software update

Downloads are now available on the Soundcraft website - www.soundcraft.com
Software Updates:
• From the product pages (Vi1, Vi2, Vi4 or Vi6):
Scroll down the page to the 'Downloads' area and look under 'Software'.
• From the Downloads Section:
Go to 'Software' and select Vi1, Vi2, Vi4 or Vi6.
Virtual Vi Offline Editor (Virtual Vi V4.7.0.195.exe):
• From the product pages (Vi1, Vi2, Vi4 or Vi6):
Scroll down the page to the 'Downloads' area and look under 'Offline Editor'.

• From the Downloads Section:
Go to 'Offline Editor' and select Vi1, Vi2, Vi4 or Vi6.

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Re: VI1 offline et VI4 en 96

le Jeu 27 Sep 2012, 14:51
Cool pour le off Line de la Vi1
Par contre je comprend pas j'ai toujours des problemes d'affichage avec l'editor que sa soit vi1,Vi4,Vi6
Il ne s'affiche pas correctement dans mon ecran voir photo (fichier joint)

Est ce que je suis le seul dans se cas je suis sous Vista???
Fichiers joints
ecran off line vi1.JPG Vous n'avez pas la permission de télécharger les fichiers joints.(195 Ko) Téléchargé 11 fois
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Re: VI1 offline et VI4 en 96

le Lun 01 Oct 2012, 22:02

Bon j ai eu les Gas de Scv il on le meme problème pour l affichage des software des Vi

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Re: VI1 offline et VI4 en 96

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