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sub mettalica

le Mer 21 Jan 2009, 07:05
une bizarrerie a regarder absolument (pour les anglophones )!!!
comme quoi tout n'a pas encore été fait (enfin a ma modeste connaissance)
j'aimerai bien écouter ca pour "voir" ce que ca donne
a ciao
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Re: sub mettalica

le Mer 21 Jan 2009, 15:23
Ils se sont mis en colère effectivement...
Mai ce n'est pas sans rappeler celui-ci...
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Re: sub mettalica

le Jeu 22 Jan 2009, 02:45
moi j'ai jamais vu des clusters de subs positionnés comme ca auparavant !!
d'aillleurs c'est une premiere si mon anglais petit niveau a bien compris tout ce qu'il disent
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Re: sub mettalica

le Jeu 22 Jan 2009, 11:50
Metallica avait déjà expérimenté ce type de diffusion (scène centrale) fin des années 90, mais je n'ai pas entendu parlé de cette histoire de sub.
Pour le rendu, je vous ferais un petit compte-rendu après le 1er avril date du premier concert. Mais connaissant les oiseaux, je ne pense pas être déçu. Déjà à l'époque ça sonnait grave.
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Thunder and LightViperTM Hit the Road with Metallica

le Sam 31 Jan 2009, 12:53
Info d audiodirectory

With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment/touring market sector, Taylor, Michigan-based Thunder Audio chooses LightViperTM audio transport system for Metallica Death Magnetic World Tour

Annapolis Junction, MD, January 20, 2009 -- FiberPlex, Inc. announces that its LightViperTM audio transport system was recently acquired by Taylor, Michigan-based audio production company, Thunder Audio, who has employed the advanced fiber optic technology in an innovative sound support touring system for the legendary musical group Metallica. The 27-year old band's Death Magnetic World Tour kicked off last October and will wrap up a U.S. performance schedule in New Jersey next February. The tour, with high-energy concerts predominantly in large arenas, continues throughout Europe from February through July 2009.
At the heart of the large touring sound system developed by Thunder Audio, a 64-channel LightViper fiber optic audio system is configured as a "drive snake" to provide AES/EBU digital audio signal distribution from FOH equipment racks to a massive, 44-zone loudspeaker array. Nearly 200 self-powered speakers are arranged in a unique "in the round" configuration of eight (Cool equally spaced speaker arrays. The LightViper interfaces with the loudspeaker management system via military-grade TAC-4 fiber optic cables and also provides the 96kHz Master System Clock to the entire sound distribution grid.

Tom Hejnicki, Project Manager for Thunder Audio, commented on the benefits of eliminating the super group's reliance on old-school copper snakes and replacing most of them with fiber optic technology:
"We eliminated more than 2,000 pounds of copper cable from the show with the LightViper system and replaced it with 15 pounds of fiber optic cable. The truck pack is considerably smaller now with less bulky cable cases. And when the whole system ships overseas this February, the weight reduction will save a significant of amount of shipping expense.
Hejnicki, a veteran sound designer for Thunder Audio with more than 17 years of live sound experience, talked about his prior experience with the LightViper system:
"We had great successes with our prior use of the system, one example being the recent Red Wings Stanley Cup Parade network telecasts. All the techs, the guys from broadcast side, loved the LightViper fiber. It's a stable, rugged design -- ultra-quiet. Since all the audio is optically isolated, fiber also completely solves the problem of ground loops that we often run into with complex events that have multiple feeds. Basically, it's impossible to create a ground loop sending digital audio signals over light!
Hejnicki added:
"There has been a paradigm shift in audio networking in the last year or so. Frankly, the Metallica Tour would have been a patch nightmare without LightViper. It was the only logical approach to achieve the objectives we had for this complex tour. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to have any professional audio system without it: it's my first choice for designing new systems, or upgrading older ones. Paul Owen, co-owner and VP at Thunder, told me early on that we had to push the boundaries for our client Metallica. Judging by the results so far, this cutting-edge, in-the-round touring sound system has achieved this."


un homme n est pas bon a tout mais il n est jamais propre à rien

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Re: sub mettalica

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